Mr Guitar Teacher


Just a few examples of my music projects and work with students 

Bass Rigged Too High

Fun slap bass riffing

Funky Town

Me in the studio letting my imagination run away

Trail Crabs

Rockin with Garage Band loops 

Student Concert

I write it, they play it. Eventually they write it too! No one else would sing so apologies for my croaking. Students were all grade 5 or less. Pretty good I say :)

Sun Ghost

Here a student is taught composition & multi track recording. Everyone always takes home a mastered finished product of their work. Contact me for more details on Recording Days.

Snakes & Ladders

This is a term 1 piece for an absolute beginner. Just because you're starting out doesn’t mean you can't sound cool :) 

Ibiza Bang

Garage Band loops with an island rave scene theme.


House music with Garage Band loops.

Follow this link for more examples