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Jumping Flea

This is what Ukulele means in Hawaiian. It's what the Hawaiians' thought the Portuguese settlers fingers looked like when they played their machete de braša.

Remember, everyone can play a Ukulele.

Beginner Ukulele

Hello Ukulele

Just 1234 strumming the open strings of the Ukulele (C6) to a happy little song. Great with full classes. Take out of case, sing & play instantly. :)

I Wana' Ukulele!

Classroom Ukulele fun with an easy song using the chord F. Pester power for kids to get parents buying Ukuleles.

The Stick 'em On Song

Classroom Ukulele fun with an easy song using the chords F and open strum C6. Sing with Artful Dodger accent.

I love T Rex

Classroom Ukulele fun with an easy song using the chords C & F. Great fun because we do all love T Rex. 

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Ukulele Study

Ukulele Scales

Just the basic open major & minor & then the moveable form. 99% of tunes you want to play will be in these four scales or their shapes.

The Everything Scale for Ukulele

Here's the notes and here's the chords, now go write songs with them.

Ukulele Chords

C & F major, the most popular Ukulele keys, harmonised here. Learn these and play everything.

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Ukulele Parts

Danse Macabre (Score)

Saint-Saens devilish little piece written for 3 ukuleles. Melody, chord and beginner all with accurate positional TAB.

Individual parts are

Zorba The Greek

Three Ukulele score with something for all levels to enjoy.

Star Wars Theme

Done for two ukuleles with lead & rhythm. Can be done as orchestra. Have fun ;) 

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Advanced Ukulele & Solos
Starlight Swing

Tricky but satisfying little number that is very well worth working out. Enjoy.

Uncle Lee-Lee's Corn Mash Blues

I should really do some housework but I write Ukulele music instead and Auntie Lee-Lee still loves me. The woman's a saint!

Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring

Well.....is a classic innit!

Try playing the chords AND the melody. Need to get spicy with those finger positions though. 

Finger Black

Interpret this!

Slow, its a drag rag blue feel.

Fast, its just a fun rag old style.

Quarter bend


= Hurt Afraid & Angry.

Written at DMPAC with the anti bullying brief in mind. ABC format to be set to your lyrics however you like.

Well done DMPAC Advanced Ukes. Great work.

Naomi's Song

PMI plucking to a simple format creating an emotional tune that can be rhythmically expanded on however you feel.

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