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An Interval is the space between two notes, like a mile is the space between two places. There are 8 notes in a standard major scale. Here is the key of C major.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th or 1st
Major Minor Minor Major Major Minor Minor b5 Major


If C=1 what is G? Answer=5. If 1= C, what is a fourth? Answer=F.

If you have learnt to play each of the notes above as chords in major and minor, you can then think about harmonising an entire octave scale. The rule here is,

1, 4 and 5 are major. All the rest are minor.

Now, pick four numbers from 1 to 6 randomly. Apply any Major key and then the table and rules above. This will give you randomly generated songs instantly. Just add lyrics.

You are now composing by knowing your alphabet up to G being able to count up to 8. Its that simple.


  1. 1342

  2. 5426

  3. 6324

  4. 1564

1. Key=C 1=C 3=Em 4=F 2=Dm
2. Key=A 5=E 4=D 2=Bm 6=F#m
3. Key=E 6=C#m 3=G#m 2=F#m 4=A
4. Key=D 1=D 5=A 6=Bm 4=G

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