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Please Note: These pieces are often written as modern contemporary pieces rather than 'play exactly this!' You may wish to change the format to suit your own interpretation &/or add your own beginnings & endings.

However, all music on this site remains copyright to myself except for educational purposes for which they are freely available.
Study Work
CAGED system with chords, scales and arpeggios

Understand the CAGED system. Its how your guitar works! Find out how the scales interlock for those full neck runs. Realise the left hand Sweep Picking technique with arpeggios.

Five Position Minor Pentatonic Scale

Look at Home, Below and Above Root 6 and compare to Root 5 to understand the shapes. The three position run is a must for all aspiring players.

Just in Case

A series of pleasant block chords not conforming to standard major scale harmonisation. It asks of you, what scale? What melody? what is happening harmonically?

That's the challenge! Write out the chords. Add your own rhythm and format. Create your melody. Make it your own.

More soon

Distilled Blue

Grade 5-6 with room for you to experiment. Can be played by Grade 1 to 4 if analysed correctly with your teacher.

Trying Not To Be Honest

This started off as a plectrum and right hand technique exercise but has developed into something quite pretty I think. Look at the picking sequences to make the piece easier to learn! ||:5434|2434:||

Lighthouse Bill

Thanks for reminding me of this Taylor. How to play some slick hammer ons and pull offs.


Guitar Notation Positioning

It is so important to understand this. Easily laid out for you to grasp fast.


Potato Head

This exercise is driving me mad. Sounds great but it is very very hard. So I wrote it & cant play it "/

Potato Head technique is grabbing the neck with your right hand whilst tapping only with your left. This gives clarity as it mutes all unplayed strings & it build some strength up.

Brain Splint Carousel

Nasty hard tapping with fast arpeggios using plectrum. When you get it right, this is a pleasure pain piece. Enjoy.

Trem Inside

Whammy bar ballad with super clean bridge pickup strat sound plus echo & reverb. Lots of expression here.

Finger Tapping Study

200bpm quaver triplets can be yours costing you only your finger tip skin until they tough up.

12 & 8 Bar Basics

A slash rhythm chart using intervals to explain the construction of the blues in all keys.

Guitar Scales

Get your scales positions sussed out by practicing these scales. Learn all the licks you will ever need once you can place your fretboard position for the right key. Amaze your friends with your musical dexterity.....oh look! Just suss your scales Ok ;-)

Chord Tapping Study

Simple chord shapes with added 9ths tapped right & left hand.

4 Tone Chords

Play virtually any chord in three or more different places at will. Just add enharmonics.

Oxy Moron

Put your self into this piece because room has been left for you to do so. Work on it :) 

Blank Music and TAB

Print it off and write on it. Clever stuff!

Beginner Pieces
Snakes & Ladders

Whitehills students busy composing the blues. Not just 12 bar, but the feel. Impressive! Monster piece appealing to young and old alike.

Walking in the Air

That old Christmas favourite. Set in a key that makes it quite easy for young player to play a full lengthy and fairly complicated piece. Chords included.

No More Waterfall

A brilliant piece developed from a students mistake.

Listen to your mistakes. They can be the start of amazing new music.

Very well done Kieran O. This piece is yours. 

Naomi's Song

A fine piece accidentally played by one one of my top students. I have ran with her idea & this is the result. All credit to Naomi for those first halting attempts at the D chord.


Da da da da da da da da da Batman

12 bar fun

Fir Tree Fairy

A first piece. Tell this story to your families with your guitar music at Christmas & create a little Christmas magic yourself. Its all true you know!

Summer Blue

A simple but very effective piece of blues with a lazy summers day feel to it. Look for the shapes here.

For the Spanish Guitarists

Spanish Pasacalle or Walking music. A great foot stomper in 6/4. This is just the mapping of the piece. You must play it how you feel at the time using these ingredients.

Your Not There

Chord movement creativity. Easy music with a great sound.

London's Burning & Frere Jacques

KS2 Vocalisation, internalisation & scalic exploration of well known songs as rounds in simple C.

The Everything Scales

Named because they are used in Everything. Practice these daily to get your all your grade pieces tip top for the exam. They will also make you a better player more quickly.

Cool Bells

Very early piece with a full rock ballad feel. Great fun to play in the classroom.

Sweet Home

Taken from the Wider Opportunities Guitar syllabus & pepped up with some tasty 9ths for accompaniment. A class favourite.

Head on the Track

Easy blues riff but totally authentic. Lyrics included.

12 Bar Blues in E

Chords, plus the lead guitar scale.

Elbow Blues

Classic chord movement for major blues. Just add your own rhythm and tempo. 

Christmas Compositions
Christmas Lullaby

Easy to pitch but a difficult rhythm for guitar and vocals. As composed by Billy M. This was how his idea came out. I think it sounds great. Primary student composition at its best.


Christmas Brings.....

A lovely piece of Christmas lyric writing by a fine young primary school student. Well done Paris R.


Intermediate Pieces

By the great Peter Green & Fleetwood Mac. In my arrangement, play all 4 guitar parts & the bass line at the same time. See your teacher for the RH technique.

The Flow

Bass & guitar duet with a feel good factor.

Naughty Cat

My cats as told by bass & guitar.

Guitarist fun with a James Bond Feel.

My egotistical take on what the new James Bond theme might be.....played on an acoustic guitar.

Parisian Walkways

The rhythm guitar part. Print this off & play to Full Score in Band Pieces

Bad to the Bone

Woke up this morning, style blues. Finger 3 or slide your choice. With simple bass accompaniment.

Bang Bang

Of Kill Bill fame with Nancy Sinatra singing. Vocals & guitar part for duo performance. Pease perform this. 

Bottle Neck Blues

Guitarists 12 bar blues with the third finger only. You can all do this & it is great fun & very authentic but the finger does get a bit sore. See your teacher on how to use the blues guitar slide or bottle with this piece & save on plasters ;-)

Traffic Jam

This is the same version available above. Learn these simple chords then allow some freestyle rhythm to come in. Add some cheek to that rhythm line & you will be playing what I have in mind. Enjoy!

Big Foot. (Guitar & Drums)

Guitarists! Listen to the full score above, then print & practice this piece, open the bass score above & play to it to get the original bass & guitar duet feel while you play

Fear of Fear

This is an acoustic piece but sounds great on an electric. Simple picking pattern with interesting key centre changes. Some interesting chord shape make this intermediate to advanced level but not impossible. Written in a circular fashion.

Through Thick & Thin (Guitar Score & TAB)

Guitarists! Listen to the full score above, then print & practice this piece, open the bass score above & play to it to get the original bass & guitar duet feel while you play.


A typical Spanish classical piece that uses free stroke on  p, i & m repeatedly to create a really dark feel together with the standard Am & E chords. This is just an exert from what I can remember.


Green Sleeves & My Lady's Answer

A song of love to the Lady Green Sleeves. Here the love smitten singer has his answer from the lady. Enigmatically, not a yes, but not a no either.

Not written by Hen IIX. C1580. E1 on throne. Italian styled song.

Sing It Back to the Birds

Write some lyrics to this & make it into more than just a good ditty, like a song for instance. 

Money for Nothing

Strictly here for teaching only. The great Mark Knopfler at work with a genius lick. 

Parental note: The lyrics used in the original piece contains a word that was and is highly controversial and therefore unsuitable for student use. An adjusted and appropriate lyric sheet is available by clicking here.

More soon More soon
Advanced Pieces
Blue Snow Blue

Modern Jazz. What are the chords?

For Diane. Happy birthday darling. 5th April 2013



This is not yet complete as a piece but I promised it would be published tonight. All the parts are done but the piece format & the bass tab has not been finished. All else is correct. Guitarists, get that semi quaver triplet run "/

Why Don't You?

Give some advice. Get told where to stick it. Take that as good advice. That's the story line behind this piece.

For students who have been shown in class, add yourself to this basic chart. Finish how you like just be expressive ;-)  

Jazz Fly

Analyse this all those who have had the lesson. Become a dribbling wretch all those who have not.  Explain the turn around & the final turn around motif. Understand & recreate in your own fashion.

Lonely Beach

Quite jazz piece with sad overtones. Can see the party but cant join in sort of thing.

Estar Muy Visto

Spanish classical that I always seem to have known but haven't a clue where I got it from. This piece has been a real friend over the years. Sorry, cant TAB classical. See your teacher ;)

Parisian Walkways

This lead guitar part is a devil of simplicity, genius, blistering speed & tonality.


Nuts shredding from the late 50's. Dick Dale & the Del Tones. A total classic you all know. Get shredding.

Metal Toccata

Insanity with Bach & Overdrive. High speed shredding for those who like the Rock in Barock.

More soon

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