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Beginner Bass

Easy 12 bar style using all fingers & a swing beat for pulse control practice. Play along but sound like one bass not two.

Breezy Bass Blues

Easy blues exercise but still the real thing.


Classical Bass

It may surprise you to know that bass technique is exactly the same as classical guitar technique. See why with this piece.


So make sure you do! Miss the 1 that is. Solid bass part with guitar part to come soon.

Freight Trains Nearing Home

Bass blues old style

Oxy Moron

Create your own part to this little ditty. Do well & have your name put up as co composer. 

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Intermediate Bass

Light My Jazz Fire

The Doors with 'Come On Baby Light My Fire' but done with jazz chords on a bass.

Downtown 251

Carrying on from the beginners Breezy Bass Blues then the more advanced, Freight Trains Nearing Home, we now move onto the more advanced still, Downtown 251 Look for the similarities. What key is it in? What scales are you playing in & around?

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Bass Study
Scale Shape Training

Learn those basic scale shapes here. Its a fretboard! There aren't that many.


Bass 3 & 4 Tone Reversing Arpeggios Major & Minor in A

Brain drain but worth the effort to learn. Try to get to the stage where you are watching your fingers move up & down & wondering who is playing. Puts brain into fingers.

Bass Notation Positioning

It is so important to understand this. Easily laid out for you to grasp fast

Scalic Invention

Bass scales with a twist


Fun finger exercise in a funky tune.

Bass Arpeggio Scales

I know I know, scales, yuk! but this is what the bass plays & it is what music is made of. Get your finger positions sorted out & suss the murky depths of the fretboard forest. Hear your scales in your mind before you play then hear a riff & play straight back. Go to it!

Digits 'L Pop

A real right hand hospital exercise if you can get up to the silly tempos of 150BPM +

Bass Modes

Well, if you have looked at the bass scales then the next logical step is o get your head around the modes. This is the dark side.

Blank Bass Music and TAB

Print it off and write on it. Clever stuff!

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Bass Parts
The Flow

Bass & guitar duet with a feel good factor.

Naughty Cat

My cat by bass & guitar.

Sing It Back to the Birds

Write some lyrics to this & make it into more than just a good ditty, like a song for instance.

Parisian Walkways

The Bass part on its own. Print off & play to the full score in Band Pieces. 

Big Foot. (Full Score)

Based on the Weird Guy Theme. A little jazz funk piece that will help you keep your cool while all around are funking around with the rhythm.

Traffic Jam

A wonderful racket from an original idea by one of my students. Sounds like traffic & its a good jam. Clues in the name. Add a horn section to this piece for mayhem traffic horns & solid solos.

Bottle Neck Blues (Full Score)

No tab here. Just a score to see how it all goes together.

Bottle Neck Blues

A simple accompaniment to the Bottle Neck Blues Guitar line below. Written in triplets to see how the 1&& 2&& 3&& 4&& count really moves within the piece. Check out the full score to hear how it all fits together. Read this like columns between the parts to see how the timing between bass, drums & guitar works.

 Advanced Bass & Bass Solos
Getting Up Again

Against TAB, music holds all the cards. Music can communicate rhythm, pitch, expression & technique. TAB can only tell you where to put your fingers on the fret board, but in doing so it easily communicates that which music only allows the most advanced players to see. Shape! Here is an example, but its mad. See shape in the TAB then try to see those shapes in the music. Work out the  technique yourself ;)

Out of My Depth

A bass harmonics piece that has some interesting modulation

Lightening the Load

Happy 22nd anniversary Diane. I love you very much.

If Only This Bass Could Talk

12 bar chorded bass jazz blues with a 251 turn around. Written by the great Stanley Clark from the album of the same name.

Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick

Ian Dury & the Blockheads with the bass machine Norman Watt-Roy playing one of the best bass lines ever created 

The Swinging Old Monk

A naughty old monk skipping down to his still in the middle of the night as told by the bass.


From Mr Kings album of the same name. Classical guitar technique meets bass

Margery's Door

This is a spooky & unsettling piece of Jazz based on the nursery rhyme 'See Saw' which is a spooky unsettling piece of nursery rhyming.

Walk Right Up

In the style of Chameleon but with some hard to get to chords thrown in. Play it as you like, this is a chart not a score.

Three's A Crowd Honey

A 3/4 riff that seems to rock in a very jazzy sort of way. This is a complete piece but it is not for the faint hearted. Grade 7 or 8 players only need apply I think.

Ad Infinitum

A circling modulation with a great riffy rhythm that requires right hand muting in the staccato to be contrasted with long crochets. Great fun to play with b4bass drummer 8's or 16's if you have the fingers.


This web site accepts no liability for any mental or physical damage caused by trying to play this piece. You have been warned!

Seven Grey Cup5

Severe bass dissonance as an experiment & as an outlet for some tension. Very dark.

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