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Band Pieces

Orchestral Electric

Mars God of War

Full Score

Mission Impossible

Full Score

Joe 90

Full Score

Coventry Carol

Full Score

The Everything Scales

Full Score

Give of Yourself

Full Score

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Group Pieces
  Parisian Walkways

Full Score for Bass, Rhythm & Lead guitar

Christmas Lullaby

As written with students from WV School.



Full Score

This is not the final score but is up for appraisal for vocal inclusion.

Duet Rock Pieces
A Shot in the Dark

Henry Mancini was a genius. Pink Panther is one of his greats but the incidental music to the Pink Panther films was 'A Shot in the Dark' What a piece. Study the way the parts are separate, but totally dependant on each other. Now get some harmonic movement into your band parts.

Doctor Doctor

Intro, lead line with harmony & rhythm guitar parts without format.

The Flow

Bass & guitar duet with a feel good factor.

Naughty Cat

My cat by bass & guitar.

Bottle Neck Blues (Full Score)

No tab here. Just a score to see how it all goes together

Through Thick & Thin (Full Score)

Mr Stoney's excellent composition.

Big Foot. (Full Score)

Based on the Weird Guy Theme. A little jazz funk piece that will help you keep your cool while all around are funking around to the rhythm. 

Ska Punk

A little ABC part ditty in the above genre.


Write in your own vocal & Lead guitar lines with proper music. 

Rockschool Grade Pieces
Ruby Lead Guitar

Lead guitar line taken broadly from the backing CD on Ruby. Debut Grade Guitar by Deidre Cartwright.

Ruby Vocals & Lyrics

As written by Miss White of the Saturday Centre.

Ruby Format

Bars 1 to 4 are intro. Repeat 1st time only. Play whole piece 3 times. 1 vocals, 2 guitar lead & 3 vocals. Conduct rit for end.

What's Your Game

Rhythm Guitar line to the Debut Guitar piece by Alison Rayner.

This is written the same way as Ruby is written in the grade book. A rhythm or slash chart. This does not play on Scorch & is for reading only. 

What's Your Game

Vocal backing line for bass & two guitars.

WYG Format

Piece starts with the Vocal backing line very quietly. Allow the vocals to really build & react to them. After second verse an 8 count drum fill is followed by the main lead guitar line as written in the Rockschool Debut Grade book. Heavy power chorded rhythm guitar & a strong lead line that can be played 8va if desired. Then drop back to the  quite vocal backing riff for another two verses, main book line then end on a rit.

Instrumental Collaboration
Lets Stick Together (Score)

Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry. A Blues format piece arranged for Bb brass, vocal and guitar. This takes me back :)


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